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Volunteering is a great way to enhance your CV while doing something that is not only worthwhile and rewarding but can also be a completely life changing experience. Thousands of volunteers are needed all over the world to provide assistance with children in need, aged care centre, endangered animals, as well as teaching and various other community and conservation projects. Taking part in a Magic Nepal's Volunteer Exchange Programme will not only change your life but can also help you play part in changing the lives of others. If you are taking a gap year or taking time out to travel and see the world, taking part in one of Magic Nepal's Volunteer projects is a great way to experience local cultures and traditions and the real way of life on a totally different level. Travelling around the world and seeing all the famous tourist sights is one way of seeing and experiencing the world, however, volunteering offers a completely different insight into the world. Mature volunteers make an important contribution to volunteer projects around the world. As a mature volunteer you are likely to bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding to any volunteer project as well as a certain level of maturity.

Our Volunteer Exchange program offers an affordable volunteering opportunity for interested organizations; groups, couples and individuals to make a contribution to Nepali society, while at the same time experiencing the rich culture, natural magnificence, and daily life of Nepal, one of the most beautiful countries of the world. The degree to which volunteers contribute to Nepali communities varies according to motivation and personal capacity; however, no experience is necessary and we strongly encourage all applicants. In fact, we only have two requirements for our volunteers: (1) a positive outlook and (2) a strong desire to help people. All volunteers will enjoy a unique opportunity for travel, adventure, and exploration. You can volunteer Nepal while you trek or go for hiking. Every year, a large number of international volunteers join Magic Nepal's Volunteer Exchange Program and return home with everlasting memories. So building a Global Humanitarian Society through volunteering is our motto.

The mission and objective of this program is to encourage and invite international/ national volunteers to contribute for development of the Poorest and conflict victim Families and communities. In addition, we intend to enhance the feeling of voluntary, global brotherhood among the people. Our program promotes the opportunity for the worlds' individuals to build a mutual friendship and global partnership, learn Nepali language and culture while you volunteer. It is our belief that through hard-work and positive thinking, we can all help to improve cultural tolerance and encourage world peace. Volunteers will experience life in Nepal firsthand, working alongside Nepali people to help support communities in rural Nepal. Like this, they will be making a meaningful contribution to a disadvantaged and marginalized society, while participating in an exchange of ideas and viewpoints with the local people who will ultimately be responsible for sustainable development.

Volunteering with Magic Nepal will give you an opportunity to live and work in Nepali communities and learn more about its society, culture and experience its natural beauty. We run volunteer Exchange Program for people of all ages and nationalities, working in areas where volunteers can be of most lasting benefit to Nepal and develop themselves at the same time.



  • Can you live without modern facilities, e.g. hot water and electricity?
  • Are you aware that most volunteers experience illness at some point during their stay? 
  • Are you open enough to accept and respect a culture no matter how different it is from your first culture? 
  • Are you comfortable with yourself? At times you may feel isolated, particularly when you arrive in a village knowing no one. 
  • Are you hungry to learn? You'll learn a new language, a new culture, a new way of life. 
  • Can you handle culture shock? The moment you step off the plane you will be in a world where very little is familiar. 
  • Are you flexible? Developing countries, and Nepal in particular, are not as obsessed with time as the US or Europe. Often, schedules are ignored or appointments begin later than arranged. If you decide to volunteer in Nepal, you are opening the door to the possibility for a personally enriching and life-changing experience.




Good problem-solving skills

Sense of humor/ability to laugh at yourself 


Willingness to share




Enthusiasm to learn about new cultures


If you think you are really interested and have skills and quality required for volunteer, please find below the application process:

Enter all information in the form online under "Online Application Form" at the bottom of this page.

Magic Nepal will review your application within 5 business days. If you are accepted into the program, you will receive an email notification.

To confirm your reservation, you must send 100 USD program booking fees to Magic Nepal. Then you must send us your flight arrival details.

After we receive your payment and flight details, you will be sent an email confirming your position in the program orientation / training 

You must be at least 18 years old to apply.

You must have read and signed our "Terms and Conditions" online.


Packages in Volunteering Program

Special Instructions to our Clients : :

Before leaving your country, you are suggested to ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months. Please book your trip as early as possible; giving us enough preparation time for your trip means your trip will be managed well so that you will get full satisfaction from our services. Please make sure that you have got confirmation receipt from our company about your booking. If you need any special facilities that are not included in the listed itinerary, make sure that you have informed us about it at the time of booking. Should you want to book any programs that are not listed in this website as tailor made package, please let us know by email; we will design it as per your travel need.

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