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“There can be no successful business without successful society and there can be no successful society without successful business”


The fact that sustainable peace is vital for sustainable business and vice versa is widely accepted by leaders of all sectors of society. That is particularly true for Nepal, where unjust socio-economic development, disparities, exclusion, poverty, and poor governance are the root causes of a long lasting conflict. A flourishing economy that provides fair business or employment opportunities to all Nepalese people regardless of their caste, gender, age or ethnicity will play an important role in mitigating existing conflicts and avoiding new tensions.

Conflict and its impacts such as strikes, blockages, extortions, blackmailing, shortages, destruction of infrastructure, displacement of workers, etc. substantially increase the cost of doing business, limit international competitiveness and lead to closures and international relocations of businesses. The resulting shrinkage of economic activities and therefore increasing unemployment and poverty perpetuates existing conflicts and leads to new tensions.

We are aware about the gap between the two groups of people i.e. have and have not, in our country. We realize that 'poverty any where is threat to prosperity every where'. We also realize that only the state's role is not enough to narrow down the gap between these two classes of people; all sector of the society should help the state. Therefore some sort of profit from Magic Nepal's annual income goes to the children of poor and marginalized society through community based organization.

Any proposal from International organization, charity and individual to uplift the socio-economic status of poor and marginal society in Nepal will be appreciated. If you are interested to join your hands with us to help for the poor people of rural society in Nepal, please inform us by email to or telephone us at +977-9851088964. We assure you that your donation will be spent transparently to uplift the socio-economic condition of rural people in Nepal.

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